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Sack are very cost effective and an investment that will last you a good many years and make several physical jobs much easier.

A sack truck is essentially an upright trolley frame that is utilised for transporting objects. It has long handles, and a small ledge base, and two wheels. When a product is put on the sack truck, the handles are used to manoeuvre the truck so it is pivoting on two wheels.

This makes heavy and cumbersome objects a lot easier to manoeuvre and lift off the ground.

Sack trucks are built to be very strong and very hard wearing which makes them ideal for carrying heavy and bulky goods. They are generally made from steel or aluminium with strong rubber tyres.

You will find various kinds of sack trucks from the basic sack truck stair climber sack and the folding foot sack truck. 



Stair Climber Trolley Truck Carrying Capacity 150kg
Actual Price:  £135.00
List Price:  £222.21
Savings:  £87.21
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