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You will find various kinds of sack trucks such as the basic sack truck stair climber sack and the folding foot sack truck.

The folding foot sack truck includes a base which can be folded away making storage much easier and more economic. This makes transporting the sack trucks easier. The folding foot can then be locked back into position again for use. 


Features of Sack Trucks

The design of sack truck depends upon the items that it will be used to transport, although there are many good general models. The tyre and wheel construction will vary depending upon the job and the terrain/ surface/obstacles that sack truck will have to work on

The frame of sack truck can have a bearing on its weight and strength and will ultimately determine how well suited it is for the job in hand and for the general needs of a business.

Sack trucks are used for moving heavy loads in an easy way and are quite helpful for various types of businesses. However, being manual, they are not used for transporting materials over long distances, but only for shorter distances such as across a shop floor, across a building site, or within a storage room. This includes all merchandise and products such as clothing, office equipment and food.




Folding Foot Sack Truck Rigid Straight / Cranked Handle
Actual Price:  £48.30
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Heavy Duty Hand Truck / Sack Truck
Actual Price:  £99.00
List Price:  £192.01
Savings:  £93.01
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