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Push Along Snow Plough Wide Blade


Push Along Snow Plough



British manufactured Snow Plough with a folded steel sheet to prevent built up snow getting stuck on the blade. The handle is coated in black epoxy coting while the blade is coated in yellow epoxy coating. The finish is high quality to protect the unit from all weather conditions and general wear and tear.

 ·         Available in two sizes to fit the width of factory paths and roadways: 500mm wide or 995mm wide. Both sizes have a depth of 195mm.


·         The blade of the Push Along Snow Plough is angled so that the snow slides off to the side. The plough flips over to allow the user to choose which side the snow is pushed to.

·         The long handle allows the user to keep their body in an upright walking position and use their legs, arms and body weight to power the plough along and clear the snow. The pushing motion takes less effort than the lifting and throwing action of shovelling snow.

·         The plough has 160mm solid rubber tyres to move easily about in the snow and ice, and the roller bearings keep the motion smooth.


·         The plough is coated in a yellow epoxy resin, which means that it is easy to see against the white snow. This helps to reduce the risk of people tripping over it.

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