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Hand Operated V Blade Snow Plough

Hand Operated V Blade Snow Plough

High Quality and Durable V shaped Bladed Plough. Designed and angled aerodynamically to prevent the build-up of snow during use. This also allows the user to clear snow easily by equally distributing force needed throughout the body so the risk of injury is severely reduced.  The handle is coated in black epoxy coting while the blade is coated in yellow epoxy coating. The finish is high quality to protect the unit from all weather conditions and general wear and tear.


·         High quality, hard wearing 'V' shaped angled blade designed to prevent snow building up during use

·         Simply hand operated design allows snow to be cleared by using your body weight, legs and arms without the risk of lower back injury

·         The handle allows the operator to keep their body upright in a comfortable walking position

·         No need for lifting and throwing

·         Mounted on 160mm solid rubber wheels and roller bearings

·         Mild steel construction with high quality epoxy coated finish

·         Yellow blade and black framework


·         Supplied fully assembled

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